"Nathan Pope's 'I'm Not Alone' EP shows both accomplishment and the promise of more. His guitar playing is astounding, his songs are cleverly written and arranged, and his singing sounds like what he is -- a young man singing from his heart. The production sonics are exciting too. Nathan is well on his way already."

~ Bob Margolin (Muddy Waters Band '73 - '80)

Two Generations of Blues

Not only did he get to meet the legendary Roy Roberts, but Nathan joined him on stage and is featured in the June/July issue of Everything Music Magazine with him. Read the article here.

Mike Carr Junior Bluesman of the Year

Nathan was both shocked and honored to receive the Mike Carr Memorial Junior Bluesman of the Year Award presented by the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society at their annual Carolina Blues Festival in May 2018. 


Nathan Pope from North Carolina...He’s only 15 and he’s like the second coming of Joe Bonamassa.”

- Dave Tellmann, my Dayton Daily News


The Nathan Pope Band. I've seen the "next wave" of musicians that are coming. It's going to be ok people, the CRAP will fade and be replaced with real talent! Please support this band if you have a chance.

- Kim Shomaker, Shomaker Guitars


There IS hope for performance based music ... especially the blues.

- Max Dearing, Dark Pines Studio



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